When does your roof, siding, gutters or windows need to be replaced or repaired?

The most common causes of damage are hail/wind storms, premature deterioration and mechanical damage.

It is often difficult to determine whether or not any part of your home exterior needs to be replaced or repaired after a hail or wind storm because damage is not readily evident to the average eye. Hail and/or wind may damage your shingles, siding, windows and gutters without any visible signs from the ground.

We are listing some of the more apparent examples of hail, wind and deterioration damage. If your home exterior sustained storm damage you will most likely be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy(please check your policy language). Authorized repairs are at no cost to property owner above the deductable. Moreover, if you file a storm damage related claim your individual premium will not be affected. However, premiums will be increased for everyone living in the area hit by a storm, whether you file a claim or not.


WIND Damage Examples

A strong enough wind will blow shingles off the roof or over period of time blow debris and dust under the shingles preventing it from resealing as designed which in turn will cause shingles to crease up and eventually break off compromising the integrity of the roof system causing moisture build up, algae and leaks.

HAIL Damage Examples

Hail causes direct damage to your exterior. Hail bruised shingles will not seal properly. Broken window seals will invite moisture and even cosmetic damage to your exterior may potentially lower the value of your home. Thorough inspection of the property after any storm may prevent any unwanted issues in the future.


Premature deterioration of organic shingles is another concern for many homeowners across Minnesota. Roofs that display excessive loss of granules, spider cracks, shingle curling and cupping may not function properly and could potentially cause serious issues.

If you have organic shingles made between 1987—2005 you may be entitled to a cash settlement from the shingle manufacturer.